X Skydiver X

Hey I'm Chad, aka X Skydiver X.

Current Bike: 2005 Fuji Roubaix
Dream Bike: Mine works…show me a bike I can't live without and I'll show you a dream bike.
Bikejournal Name: X Skydiver X of course
2007 Mileage: Not enough

I forgot how to ride my bike because I'm a slacker.

The typical history though…

I got into cycling because I was getting fat…and my girlfriend didn't hesitate to let me know. I had been so use to having a fast metabolism, eating anything I want, with little or no exercise, and never gaining a pound. Well, all that changed when we moved to Jacksonville and I did nothing but sit in front of the XBox360 and drink tons and tons and tons of Coke. After a few hundred 12-packs or so I had a significant weight increase, and it showed bigtime. I never realized how much weight I had gained until I started paying attention to photos taken of me and could barely recognize myself.

At first the weight was kind of cool. I had been skinny for so long that I was thrilled to actually be getting a little bigger. One problem…I didn't stop getting bigger and that is when I decided I had to start doing something about it. Since I'm not a very good runner (I can barely run a mile) I decided it was either cycling or swimming. With two broken shoulders (both sides) in my past, swimming wasn't happening due to a lack of having full range of motion of my arms. A decent paycheck helped buy my first road bike. My girlfriend, Courtney, also bought her first bike and we started riding together.

First day on the bike was an embarrassment. I could barely ride a few miles without feeling winded and this was at a snail's pace. Courtney seemed to itch for a real workout so right then and there I knew I needed to buck up and stick with this sport. I got faster and was able to ride longer and soon the competitive side of me showed up. It wasn't long before I started to enjoy passing people, trying to draft cars, and attempting to out-sprint some of those people I ride with. Needless to say, I still get beat…often.

Now 2008 is here…and I haven't been on the bike since October of '07. I can use the excuse of strange hours at work and the addition of college classes to the schedule but really it boils down to the fact that I learned how to be lazy again over the winter.

…and the weight is coming back. Time to get my butt back in gear.

Dis be me:
Tour de Cure 2007 Day 2 - Riding into Downtown Jax

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