Name: Tom Crow
Current Bike(s): SCOTT CR1 LIMITED


Cycling FUTURE

I finally get to have a life!! My studying for Engineer is now complete, the test has been taken and I made a 97%. This means that I will be promoted in the near future to the rank of Engineer.

I shall now be able to actually put miles on my bike. FINALLY!!!!

As for everything else, my son Bryce is growing like a weed and he is so AWESOME!!!! He is now almost 7 months old and weighs in at a little over 20lbs. He has a laugh that no matter what is going on in your day, when he laughs you can't help but start laughing with him.

I have got to start training for the MS 150 now. I do have my Big 12 Jersey for the return trip. The official jersey of the Kansas University Cycling Team, ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!! Gotta lose a little, ( okay a good amount), of weight around the mid section so that the jersey looks like it fits and the seams aren't about to rip open from the stress. ( I have a washboard stomach…there is just a few loads of laundry on top of it) Right now the "Fat guy in a little coat" comes to mind when I put it on.

See everyone on the road and BE SAFE OUT THERE!!!

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