Sunday 'B' Ride


This ride will be discontinued for the summer after the March 30th ride.

Time: Sunday's at 3:00 p.m.
Distance: ~23 to 30 Miles
Pace: 18-22 mph (~17 mph computer average)
Route: 23 Mile Accosta Bridge Loop (with bridge repeats) or Fruit Cove 37 Mile Loop
Start Location: Bicycles Etc. on Phillips Highway

Ride Rules:
We will ask for two volunteers each week to ride sweep that day. The two sweep volunteers will be responsible for ensuring that no one is dropped from the ride. The sweep riders will be responsible for staying with anyone who gets a flat and trying to help bring them back into the group. We will be doing bridge repeats at each individual rider's pace. The ride leader will announce the return start countdown starting at "10 minutes" for people going back over the bridge. Please plan accordingly as the group will return promptly due to lighting concerns.

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