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Bicycle riding has many inherent risks that could lead to serious or permanent injury and even death. If you decide to ride a bicycle you should wear all necessary safety equipment including a bicycle helmet. Ride within your capabilities and and obey all traffic laws that regulate the operation of bicycles.

Ride Ideas: Don't see a ride that suits your needs? Drop us an e-mail at gro.cteselcycibmaet|nimda#gro.cteselcycibmaet|nimda or leave us a message in the forums area of this site and let us know what type of ride you desire.

Our Rides

The rides listed below are a start at the training rides that are planned. Additional rides will be added as riders join the Team Bicycles Etc. MS Bike team and express their individual training desires and needs (length, speed, area of town, day of week, etc.). As critical mass is achieved for additional rides, the rides will be added and a notice posted in the forums.

Monday 'A'/'B'/'C' - 6:00 p.m. Ride

Wednesday 'A+' 6:00 p.m. Ride

Rides organized by the North Florida Bicycle Club (website) can be found on their club rides and area rides pages.

Rides organized by Velobrew (website) can be found on their Jacksonville training rides page.

If you want a specific ride listed on this site and can get 5 or more of you fellow teammates to join you, drop us a note and we'll add that ride to this page.

Route descriptions

Accosta 23 Mile Loop

Fruit Cove 37 Mile Loop

Bicycles Etc. to Shands Pier

Mickler's Landing Beach Park to St. Augustine

Bridge Loops

New NW St. Johns County Roads

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