Mountain Biking

Bicycle riding has many inherent risks that could lead to serious or permanent injury and even death. If you decide to ride a bicycle you should wear all necessary safety equipment including a bicycle helmet. Ride within your capabilities and and obey all traffic laws that regulate the operation of bicycles.

Ride Ideas: Don't see a ride that suits your needs? Drop us an e-mail at gro.cteselcycibmaet|nimda#gro.cteselcycibmaet|nimda or leave us a message in the forums area of this site and let us know what type of ride you desire.

November Rides

Sunday, 18th @ Hanna Park

Meet @ 8 a.m. in the parking lot at hanna. We'll start with the south loop (trail map) and leave the rest to the group. Remember that its $1 to get into Hanna per person. Come out for some classic North Florida trail action!

December Rides

Sunday, 16th @ San Felasco State Park

Meet at the Philips Hwy. store @ 8 a.m. to load up the bikes and gear. We'll drive down to San Felasco and start riding around 10 a.m. The loop is 18 miles long (trail map), so most may do one lap, but we may do more if the group wants!

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