Monday Ride

Time: Monday's at 6:00 p.m.
Distance: ~23 Miles
Pace: A: 18-22 mph (multiple bridge loops); B: 15-19 mph (1 or 2 bridge loops); C: 14-17 mph (no bridge)
Route: 23 Mile Accosta Bridge Loop
Start: Bicycles Etc. on Phillips Highway

Note:For at least the month of March, only one bridge lap will be counted toward bridge points. At the start of the ride, the ride leader will determine the different riding skills of the riders assembled and break the riders into groups roughly according to the pace groups identified above. This is a "no drop" ride so the groups are expected to keep together. However, an A or B rider who is unable to maintain the pace can sit up and wait for the following group. Two experienced riders will be assigned to the C group to ride sweep to pick up anyone who is dropped form the groups. If a rider experiences a mechanical issue (e.g. a flat) 2 or more riders wait and help pace the rider back into the group.

Note: These rules may be changed at any time to address any issues that may arise.

Ride Map

For more information on this route, please see the 23 Mile Accosta Bridge Loop page in the routes section of the road riding page.

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