Joe S

NAME: Joe.

CURRENT BIKES Trek Madone 5.5 pro, Cannondale Caad9, Mirraco Black Pearl 3, Redline Proline Pro name: Joe101689

2006 mileage: 3400 miles

2007 mileage: I was supposed to ride?

2008 mileage: 1800ish

Biking History
I was always the hunter and fisher of the family. My entire life revolved around fishing with my grandpa. I watched all of the fishing and hunting shows on television and hated during the summer when the Tour de France and the Giro were on because they took up all the time for the hunting and fishing shows. In 8th grade i had heard that this guy named Lance Armstrong was going for his sixth consecutive Tour de France win. For some unknown reason I showed some slight interest in his determination to win a sixth time. I began watching the Tour and was instantly hooked. I would wake up in the morning and watch the Tour and then go ride my crappy Pacific mountain bike for a while. When my mom was convinced that I was going to stick with this hobby she decided to take me shopping for a bike. We looked all around town at Specialized and Giant and then my mom went to Bicycles Etc. one day and got a catalog for Trek road bikes. She ordered a USPS jersey for my birthday and at christmas I was surprised with my first bike, a Trek 5000. That was in December, In February I was at the shop one Saturday Morning for a ride. Mike and myself were the only people there so, we rode the mandarin route. About Mid-ride Mike said that he was looking for a part timer and asked me if I was interested in the job. I didn't even hesitate. As soon as we got back to the shop I called my mom to come pick me up and told her that Mike had offered me a job. She told me that I could take the job if I could keep my grades up. I filled out an application that day and two or three weeks later I was working at the shop. Im looking for a ti frame so if anyone knows where to find a good one let me know.

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