Name: Jim R. (PGA Tour Cycle to the Shore Page)

Current Bike(s): Trek 2200

Dream Bike: Prince Pinarello (I know it's not about the bike but if I'm dreaming, then I'm so good I can due justice to this bad boy). name: jdreif

2007 Mileage: ~5500

Patron Saint of Cyclists: Madonna del Ghisallo

Cycling History


I'll spare each of you any "long winded" stories of how I road a bicycle when I was younger as it's the typical story that almost everyone has when learning to ride a bike. However, when I was in high school and college, I did work at a hardware store where we sold "huffy style" bicycles that I got to assemble. I actually got pretty good at taping handle bars and putting on peddles (mind you back then there weren't "clipless" peddles or indexed shifters). I even went so far as to tear down and rebuild my bike before heading off to college where I rode it back and forth to school. Mind you I didn't do any 'group' riding and I pretty much got lazy and drove my car everywhere (even the 2 blocks to go play basketball).

I also got interested in the TDF via the coverage by CBS (at least that's who I recall did the broadcasts) back in the 1980s. I was quite fascinated by the whole thing and watched as guys like Hinault and Lemond did battle in their cool (IMHO at least) La Vie Claire jerseys. Of course, back then, you only got the weekly recap on Saturdays so it's nothing like what we get via OLN/versus today. Needless to say, that kept my interest and I followed through the Indurain and Armstrong dynasties.

After the 2006 TDF I started riding my old hybrid bike and looking into "real" road bikes. I bought my Trek 2200 in November of 2006 and at the time thought that anyone who wanted to ride the MS-150 bike ride had to be crazy. None the less, I for some reason decided that should be my goal for September 2007. And so I rode, and rode, and rode until I was ready. I went from being able to ride about 4 miles to riding the back-to-back 81 mile days of the MS-150.

Having purchased my bike in November and gotten comfortable on the bike over the winter season, I was ready to roll when the Monday night ride kicked up last spring. I had so much fun on that ride last year that I am very anxious to get it cranked up again this year. For anyone who doesn't know, some of us even made a bit of a "tradition" out of having dinner at Al's Pizza after the Monday night rides.

I'm hoping for more of the same this year - lots of fun; good camaraderie; some miles; and of course "the bridge".

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