Brian M

Name: Brian McIntosh
BikeWire Name: jaxgtr
Bikes: Cannondale CAAD9, Trek 7300 Hybrid
2006 Miles: 1308.6
2007 Miles: 2656.4 * - Down 3 month with knee surgery
2008 Goals:
* Miles: 4000
* Rides: Tour de Forts, Tour De Cure 2008, Watermelon Ride, MS150, 1st 1 day Century.
* Weight: 250 by 12/31/08
* Stretch Goal: Strong enough to do 10 repeats on the Acosta by year end. (this is sort of like my dream bike, probably won't happen, but then what is a goal anyway)

Dream Bike: Independent Fabrication Crown Jewel Ti

Ride History:

I started riding on June 1st 2006 after having a physical and was shocked by actually knowing my weight and my complete lack of physical activity. While I felt lucky that everything else was in the shockingly good category, color me surprised, I decided that for a person who was in pretty good condition and shape when younger, I needed to do something and quick. I took my bike into Bicycles Etc., met Eric and Sean and they got me on the road to a much improved and healthy life. My first ride was 4.2 miles that took 25 minutes and I felt like I was going to die. My longest ride to date was 78 miles and avg 14-17 mph without issue.

I have really enjoy cycling and can see it being a life long obsession to get in better health and make some new friends.

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