23 Mile Accosta Loop

This route goes down to the Accosta Bridge and back and includes an optional loop of the bridge. This route starts at Bicycles Etc. at 8036 Phillips Highway in Jacksonville, Florida. For more information see the Google Maps Route. For more information about the Acosta Bridge Loops, see the bridge loops page.

Ride Map

Route Tip Sheet
Turns/Stops Road Miles Total Miles
Start Bicycles Etc. n/a n/a
Turn Right Phillips Hwy (south) 0 0
Turn Right Baymeadows Rd (west) 0.4 0.4
Turn Right Old Kings Road (north) 0.4 0.8
Turn Left San Clerc (west) 0.4 1.2
Turn Right San Jose-Hendricks (north) 1.3 2.5
Turn Left San Marco Blvd (north) 7.0 9.5
Turn Left Accosta Bridge (north) 1.2 10.7
Straight Broad Street Exit 0.9 11.6
Left W. Bay Street (west) 0.1 11.7
Left North Jefferson (US-17) (south) 0.1 11.8
Straight SR-13 exit toward San Marco Blvd 0.8 12.6
Left U-Turn U-Turn left at bottom of bridge 0.1 12.7
n/a Regroup at corner of Mueseum Circle and San Marco Blvd n/a n/a
Left San Marco Blvd (south) 0.0 12.7
Right Hendricks-San Jose (south) 1.2 13.9
Left San Clerc (east) 7.0 20.9
Right Old Kings (south) 1.3 22.2
Left Bay Meadows (east) 0.4 22.6
Left Phillips Hwy (north) 0.4 23.0
Left Ring Power Parking Lot 0.4 23.4
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